My ThermaDome at Home

Do you know someone that needs help?

Are they struggling to lose weight? Are they stressed and low on energy.  Are they un-happy with their body? Stress can lead to heart disease, digestive problems, depression, obesity, wrinkles and even hair loss. Scientists and medical researchers have discovered that when the human body is warmed with a source of heat, it automatically triggers natural biological processes that stimulate the body into biological action.

As we age our health can falter.  When environmental chemicals compromise the immune system; when we donʼt eat right or exercise enough, or when we are stressed and exhausted –  additional heat can help the body fight these conditions and circumstances. Our body naturally produces itʼs own infra-red heat, to help digest food andmaintain a fairly constant temperature.  Reiki is an example of body heat being used to transfer healing energy into another

Our body  can develop a fever if needed  – to combat infections and  poisons within to fight off invaders, while itself being able to tolerate an increase in temperature.

Body heat is a source of energy, which can be used for detox, elimination and rejuvenation. I now use a ThermaDome infra-red session nearly every day- it’s quick and easy because I can feel the infusion of natural energy.

What is going on inside the ThermaDome?

ThermaDome is a long wave far infra-red body warmth chamber. The rays are produced by a series of special low voltage heating elements that cover the domes. First and foremost it produces gentle long wave heat rays heat that penetrate up to 10 cm into the body.

Itʼs more efficient than any older style sauna, because the body is closer to the source if the rays. Long Wave FIR heat warms the body, warming the skin and blood. When the blood warms the body automatically sends out signals to create a circulation to help cool the blood,  and sends cooler blood from deeper tissues to the surface. Itʼs a natural response – transforming the heat into energy that triggers a circulation of blood in the body, as well as producing sweat  to help cool  the blood. These processes trigger other mechanisms within the body.

Lymph flow is boosted, and toxins that may be stored in deeper tissues arereleased to be eliminated in the sweat. Thatʼs why sweating is so healthy. The body uses sweat as a means to eliminate toxins, while the circulation is more active – primarily thru exercise. When we donʼt exercise , this essential cleansing process does not activate, and the body ages faster – because of the build up of toxins that begin to overwhelm the immune system The immune system struggles when it canʼt unload the garbage. Like garbage taking over your house. itʼs ugly smelly, and becomes a health hazard.

Your body produces itʼs own heat as a fever to fight major illness and infections – so a daily dose of body heat helps the body stay younger and healthier. As more heat is absorbed into the body , more self ʻhealingʼ energy is created.

If you’re over 50,  ThermaDome sessions can help you look and feel younger for years to come. Because natural far infra-red rays –

  • promote better sleep and reduces stress
  • eliminate toxins, cellulite, excess fat
  • aids cell repair, eases aches and pains
  • fights premature aging, boost circulation

Email me at, for more information

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ThermaDome at Bondi

Marriage Saved – another ThermaDome success story!

With a little detox and relaxation, one couple re-ignited their romance with ThermaDomeʼs heat therapy.

Amazing results when used daily

He lost his beer belly, felt healthier and re-discovered some romance. She went down 3 dress sizes, became less moody  and looked 10 years younger. They share their ʻhotʼ story – and how they did it –  together.

Beauty on a Budget – No creams or lotions required,
Three amazing anti-aging treatments in one.
Detox+ More Collagen + Better Sleep
No creams or lotions required.  In this economy, ThermaDome will deliver the best results on the smallest budget. A thermal boost for collagen rejuvenation, and a natural way to fight wrinkles – real beauty comes from within.
Contact me to find out where to go for your free ThermaDome demonstration.
Email, and I’ll get you all the information
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I Found The Best Chemotherapy Relief

I now relax in this for half an hour every day. The more I use it, the better I feel.

Here’s what helped me with cancer and chemo-therapy.

I discovered far infra-red heat therapy while I was receiving my 5th round of Cisplatin chemotherapy back in July of 2007.

I had a basketball sized Germ Cell Seminoma in my abdomen. By that stage I was very acidic, terribly weak, horribly thin, and needed blood transfusions to build up my red blood cell count. My immune system was virtually at a standstill.

Luckily my friend JoAnn found a woman who offered me an infra-red heat session –  and after just 20 minutes, I could feel a little infusion of healing energy. That night I had the best sleep for over two years. I suddenly had new hope – and something that made me feel better.

It was amazing. I did more research. And I wanted more infra-red sessions. I discovered that infra-red heat had amazing benefits for not just those with cancer, but for people receiving chemotherapy.

It gave me back my energy. We all need more healing energy like infra-red heat – certainly as much we can get. Are we getting any help at all from eating genetically modified food? From polluted tap water? From household chemicals and fragrances?   I realised that in today’s world, we get so little natural healing energy in our lives – and sadly most people put chemicals like cosmetics and sunscreens that leave chemical residues lingering in our bodies. Is that why cancer rates are soaring?

Natural far Infra-red expands capillaries which stimulates increased blood flow, regeneration, circulation and oxygenation. It promotes elimination of fats, chemicals and toxins from the blood. It helps eliminate poisons, carcinogenic heavy metals, additives and chemicals from food processing, lactic acid, free fatty acids, and fatty tissue associated with aging and fatigue – excess sodium associated with hypertension – and uric acid which causes pain.

Today I use my ThermaDome far infrared professional heat system. It’s the most economical and effective system I have found. I loved it so much, I try to talk to people all over Australia about how infrared heat can help nearly everyone in a society so badly affected by processed foods, chemical additives and environmental toxins.

I also invested in the best alkaline water filter I could find. That’s also very important to fight the cancer coming back, and to protect my body from the world we must live in. I’m now more aware of how my body becomes alkaline from stress, dairy foods, coffee, sugar and wheat.  Once you learn about your own body, you become highly tuned –  and can feel the side effects of acid and alkaline levels within. If you can maintain an alkaline body, cancer risks are greatly reduced.

ThermaDome infra-red helps to fight acidity and keeps my immune system as strong as possible. Good alkaline micr-clustered water, and therapeutic heat energy. Two of the best things I would recommend to anyone. It’s amazing how two of the most basic elements on the planet can be the most powerful healers and protectors.


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